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Recording Artist Web Design

When you join VBLogic Studio, you’ll dive into a knowledge-sharing environment. We always provide expert training so our clients will be confident and knowledgeable. Every project that we undertake with our client is done so with a very important concept. "You are an important part of this development".

I have known web developers as well as other IT professionals that basically "hid in a corner", not sharing any working knowledge with their client. Then, one day something goes wrong and the client is lost. Even worse, the developer can not be found. We will throughly train you!

This web design was built using high-grade, modified templates. The capability to play music is incorporated. Also, a shopping basket was required for the sale of digital downloadable products. Credit Card processing was also setup with an easy to manage EStore backend for inventory and tax management. Click the Button to visit the site.

Recently Completed Projects


Membership Web Design

This web design was created to be a membership site for songwriters all over the planet, offering services and help for those songwriters. Currently, they have hundreds of members that have their songs pitched daily.

This web design fills a specific "niche". It was designed to support that functionality. Extensive coding and the use of mySQL databases were created for membership activities. Anti-hacker software was employeed for this client and is called "BitNinja". "BitNinja" is the top selling anti-hacker software for web based servers. Installed, configured, and maintained by VBLogic Studio.

Automatic monthly and yearly invoicing with credit card processing was created to handle membership payments. Click the Button to visit the site.

A Few Of Our Testimonials

Professional, attentive, and friendly. The entire experience was awesome. Five Stars!

Cam Wilson

A&R Director at

My website was completed in two days! It is beautiful. I can't thank you enough.

Marilyn Oakley

Award Winning Videographer

A superb product for the price. An easy experience and FAST. Excellent work.

Julie Mao

Ceo/Founder of Pearl Street Pub.


Wes received a letter of commondation from the CIO of Computer Sciences Corp. a company that employees over a thousand Network Engineers around the globe. Wes lead the redesign of AT&T's business network and saved CSC approximately $750,000 dollars per year in data circuit costs.

Alex Merphy
Wes Senter

Founder-VBLogic Studio

Wes was recognized with an excellence rating after playing a vital team member in the design of the data communications network for the United Arab Emerantes.

Alex Merphy
Wes Senter

Founder-VBLogic Studio

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When I say "When Only The Best Will Do", I mean it! We put forth the extra effort to give our clients exactly what they are asking for and more.